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Restaurant Menu


Homemade Crab Cake (1)with Sweet Chilli Dip and Salad Garnish£4.00
Mackerel (Tempura Batter) with a choice of 1 Dip & Salad Garnish£4.20
Soup (various varieties) with Roll and Butter£3.00
V Onion Rings and Salad Garnish, with BBQ Sauce and Garlic Mayo Dips£3.50

Main Course (All meals served with Salad Garnish)

Fillet of Cod and Chips (large)£10.20
Fillet of Cod and Chips (small)£8.90
Fillet of Haddock and Chips£11.25
Mackerel Fillet in a Bap, _ Salad, _ Chips with a choice of 1 Dip£8.90
Mackerel Fillet (cooked in Tempura Batter) and Chips with a choice of 1 Dip,
Dips available with Mackerel Dishes: Horseradish or Sweet Chilli
Plaice and Chips£10.80
Rock and Chips£10.20
Scampi, Salad and Chips£12.50
Cod Roe (2) and Chips£6.80
Homemade Fish Cake (2) and Chips£7.20
Homemade Crab Cakes (2) and Chips (with Sweet Chilli Dip)£9.60
Homemade Chicken Curry, Rice and Chips£9.60
Homemade Chilli, Rice and Chips£9.95
Homemade Chilli, Chips and Cheese£10.95
Beef Curry, Rice and Chips£9.60
Pukka Pies served with Chips and Gravy
Steak and Kidney, Chicken and Mushroom, Minced Beef and Onion£8.80
Chicken Breast and Chips£8.50
Chicken Chunks (8) (100% Breast) and Chips with BBQ Sauce and Mayo Dips ...£8.00
Jumbo Sausage in Batter or Plain and Chips£5.80
Saveloy Sausage (2) and Chips£7.80
Faggot (2) and Chips£9.40


V Homemade Cheese Fryits (2) and Chips£8.10
V Chips and Cheese£5.12
V Chips, Cheese and Curry Sauce£6.80
V Chips, Cheese and Beans£6.80
V Pineapple Fritters (2) and Chips£6.90
V Vegetarian Burger (in a bap with salad) and Chips£8.30
V Homemade Pea Fritter and Chips£4.60


V Grated Cheese Salad (Mature Cheddar)£6.30

Side Orders

V Onion Rings (10)£2.70
V Mushrooms in Batter (when available)£3.50
V Homemade Pea Fritter£1.70
V Peas (Processed or Garden)£1.70
V Homemade Mushy Peas£1.70
V Baked Beans£1.70
V Curry Sauce£1.70
Dips: Horseradish, Sweet Chilli, BBQ Sauce or Garlic Mayo£0.40
Side Salad£3.20
Cheese Portion Mature Cheddar (Grated)£2.10
Roll and Butter£0.80
Bread and Butter (White or Wholemeal) 1 slice£0.35


Vanilla Ice Cream£3.20
Ice Cream Sundae (Chocolate or Strawberry)£3.90
Steam Puddings - various varieties served with Custard or Ice Cream£4.60


Pot of Tea (Per Person)£1.90
Hot Chocolate£2.20
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Orangeade, Lemon and Lime£1.70
Milk Shakes (Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry)£2.50
Orange Juice£2.20
Mineral Water, Still or Sparkling£1.50


Thatchers Gold 500ml.£3.95
Carlsberg 330ml.£2.55
Peroni 330 ml.£3.50
Piddle Fish and Chip Ale (from local Piddle Brewery) 500ml.£4.75
Guinness (Canned) 440 ml.£3.60


Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc£3.40 per 175 ml glass or £13.60 Bottle
Pinot Grigio£3.70 per 175 ml glass or £14.65 Bottle
Merlot£3.40 per 175 ml glass or £13.60 Bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon£3.70 per 175 ml glass or £14.65 Bottle
Rose:£3.40 per 175 ml glass or £13.60 Bottle
Prosecco:£13.95 Bottle

Childrens Menu

Main Course

Cod and Chips£6.50
Fish Fingers (Cod) and Chips£6.50
Fishcake and Chips (Homemade)£4.40
Crab Cake (Homemade) and chips (with Sweet Chilli Dip)£5.00
Cheese and Onion Fryit and Chips (Homemade)£4.60
Beef Curry, Rice and Chips£5.95
Chicken Curry, Rice and Chips£5.95
Scampi, Salad and Chips£8.50
Beans on Toast (2 slices)£3.50
Sausage (Battered or Plain) and Chips£3.50
Chips and Cheese£3.90
Chips, Cheese and Beans£4.90
Chilli, Chips and Cheese£6.70
Chilli, Rice and Chips£6.20
Jumbo Sausage (Battered or Plain) and Chips£4.70
Chicken Chunks (4) (100% Breast) and Chips£4.80
Saveloy and Chips£4.70
Faggot and Chips£4.60
Cheese Salad (Mature Cheddar)£4.40


Mushy Peas, Garden Peas, Beans, Curry Sauce or Gravy £1.00
Onion Rings (5) £1.35
Cheese £1.70
Mushrooms £2.20


Ice Cream - Vanilla£2.20
Ice Cream Sundae (Chocolate or Strawberry)£3.90


Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Orangeade, Lemon & Lime, Lemonade£1.30
Fruit Shoots (Sugar Free)£1.50
Milk Shakes (Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry)£2.50
Orange Squash£0.80